Welcome to the Underwriting Evolution

The insurance industry is changing. The way underwriters work is changing. What could you achieve? Start here, with an introduction to the Underwriting Workbench that outlines what it is, how it helps, and why it could be exactly the right move for your business.


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Technology and People, Together

Your underwriting evolution should be driven by the right technology. Send brings you a smart, Underwriting Workbench for agile insurers, built for the complex commercial and specialty markets.

Successful tech is also about people. It’s why this evolution comes with tangible, impactful benefits for you and your teams. A change that lets you find the right submissions to deliver bound business, faster.


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Technology, Made for Underwriters

To make rapid, accurate decisions, your underwriters need real-time information at their fingertips. Our AI-assisted workbench connects to third-party data sources you already use to enrich your business intelligence. It’s a one-stop desktop that sits over and integrates with your underlying policy admin, claims and ratings systems and
gives you the data you need, when and where you need it.

The Benefits You Need to Make a Real Business Impact


Gain control and confidence while streamlining your operations

Data and insights come together to give your teams everything they need for new business and renewals, all in one place. Total visibility. Total confidence. Total control.


Drive efficiencies by working smarter, and faster

Quicker processes, enriched data from day one, and reduced administrative waste empower your people to focus on responding to the right submissions faster than ever.


Write better risks – and improve the bottom line

The quality of your risk selection and accuracy of pricing is what differentiates you. Lead with risk-reduced decision-making for more of the right choices, saving time and money.

Underwriting Workbench - Beginners' Guide

What should you prioritise when considering a digital underwriting workbench? We teamed up with InsTech to offer the answers

The Rise of The Exponential Underwriter

The underwriting evolution means an underwriter’s role is changing. Learn what this means for you – and what you need to do.

How We Help The Evolution Happen


Send hubspot - 1 - Rapid deployment

Get up and running fast, with rapid deployment

80% of insurers believe they need to innovate faster than ever to keep a competitive advantage. We get underwriters and operational teams off to a flying start, with pre-built templates and workflows for 40+ lines of business.

Bring work together – all in one place

We give you bordereaux management, task workflow, audit and compliance control, pricing, and management information reporting in a single core platform.

Send hubspot - 2 - Bring work together-1
Send hubspot - 3 - More time

Enjoy more time for rewarding, core work

Our Underwriting Workbench automates more mundane, admin-intensive work and eliminates rekeying, freeing up time for key business tasks and building relationships with your distribution partners.

Data tells a story to better
understand of risk

View and track all lines of coverage through the entire lifecycle. Receive submissions in a way that suits you. Collect data once, seamlessly ingest complex third-party data and get a clear understanding of risk with actionable dashboards and reporting.

Send hubspot - 2 - Bring work together
Send hubspot - 5 - Access one platform

Access one platform, with exactly
what underwriters need

Our products are built in collaboration with underwriters. It means our agile, modular platform can provide the building blocks for success, regardless of your size, scale, or existing systems.

Get the confidence to lead

Our Underwriting Workbench turns complex data from across your business into one view, in real time. You have the power at your fingertips to make rapid, accurate decisions and lead with
forward visibility.

Send hubspot - 6 - Get the confidence
Send hubspot - 7 - Be prepared future

Be prepared for the future

Remove the barriers to innovation and be ready for change with an agile underwriting platform. Pivot quickly, scale on demand, deliver
continuous transformation.

Podcast: Smart submission – transforming the chaos

We recognise that clear submission data is critical to the success of your underwriting process. Smart Submission from Send provides the insurance expertise and workflows you need.  

Our CEO, Andy Moss, lifts the lid on how Smart Submission is automating unstructured data, simplifying the underwriting process and accelerating submission-to-quote ratios.


Trust In Send

Our Market Position

We have a proven track record of improving underwriting processes for commercial insurers. It’s led to us being recognised in the IDC MarketScape as ‘a leader’ in underwriting workbench technology. You can see other examples of our awards and recognition here.

Our People

This is an insurance solution for insurers. Our focus is on you and your industry. We’ve constantly built and refined our Underwriting Workbench to get it to where it is today and to meet future needs.


Our Customers Report

Time A 53% reduction in processing time Business Commercial confidence across all lines of business
Improvement A 45% improvement in submission-to-quote ratios NewProduct New product creation in under 90 days
RealTimeInsights Real-time insights Delivery Go-live implementation in under 16 weeks
Sanctions Sanctions and compliance checks in minutes    


Success story - 
empowering underwriters

One of the UK’s top five composite insurers was on a mission to empower its underwriters for the future. Here’s how we helped.

Independent review - see how we match up

We know we can transform commercial underwriting, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out Altus Consulting’s review.

To chat about how we can help your business thrive in the underwriting evolution, get in touch with us.